12 Healthy Habits Can Become bad For Your Health If You Abuse Them

You feel saturated or even confused by a lot of information that claims to guide you and promise to add something more to your daily habits to be healthier or happier. one advice, everything you hear or read may not always be true, some advices are myths and they will remain so. Whether you hear or read something that sounds too crazy to be true beware or do your own research, analyze and see what works best for your body and mind.

Bstforyou has done the research for you and we’ve made a list of the best routines that can help you to have better health. despite its if you abuse it he can have the opposite effect.

1. Brush Your Teeth Several Times a Day.

Doctors advise brushing your teeth twice a day, but if you brush your teeth after every meal, you are wrong, instead of taking care of them you will damage them. if your meal contains something acidic and you brush your teeth too soon, Avoid doing that, otherwise, you run the risk of removing tooth enamel.  So patient between 30 minutes to an hour before brushing them.

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