12 Human Foods You Didn’t Know Could Kill Your Dog

Dogs are a man’s best friend but there are certain surprising foods and drinks you should never give your dog surprisingly even some foods which you would associate with dogs can be toxic to them make sure that you and any other dog lovers know this information you never know it could save a dog’s life. today we will be talking about 12 foods that are toxic to your dog.

1. Cooked Bones

We all know the famous saying give a dog a bone but in reality, you should never do this some people give their dogs frozen bones which is sometimes okay if they’re supervised but the American kennel club says never give your dog bones of any kind but if bones are associated with dogs why are they so bad well when bones are bitten by dogs they can splinter into shards this can cause serious damage to your dog’s mouth throat or intestines also cooking removes any nutrients from the bone this means it’s not even good for your dog to have any way you should especially never give your dog cooked bones the cooking process makes them even more brittle than raw bones if your dog ingests shards of bones this can cause peritonitis this is an inflammation of their stomach tissue.

2. Avocado

Everyone loves avocados and they’re very healthy for humans that is when it comes to dogs avocados are incredibly toxic avocados contain a toxin known as persin this is safe for humans but not for dogs in fact every part of this fruit is dangerous for your dog the leaves fruit and even stone inside are all bad that’s because they all contain the toxin person if your dog eats avocado then fluid will accumulate in your dog’s lungs and chest this will make it very hard for your dog to breathe and this will mean they’re not getting enough oxygen sadly in some cases this can even cause the dog to pass away fluid can also build up in the heart pancreas and abdomen of dogs also avocado pits are dangerous in and of themselves sometimes dogs will swallow these which can cause choking and in some cases cause a blockage in their digestive tract, so next time you make avocado toast don’t let your dog anywhere near the pit.