20 Amazing Robot Animals You won’t Believe Exist

20 robot animals you won’t believe exist I knew it it was only a matter of time before robots looked like incredible animals if you haven’t seen them yet this video will show you amazing machines that might one day run the world

20. Eelume

From the depths of the ocean comes a loom the snake-like robot that will shake up subsea inspection I know that if I say snakes you might think of this so even worse this but relax the Eelume is to relieve divers from their dangerous work done at 1017 feet and oil facilities deep in the Norwegian sea this vehicle was established as a spinoff from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in collaboration with the research organization CINTA it’s amazing segmented design allows it to transit over easily and flexibly no matter the pressure cold or underwater conditioned movements.

19. Bionic kangaroo


Jumping into the future comes to the Bionic kangaroo created by the German company Festo this robot is able to recover energy from one jump to provide enough energy to make another jump just like a real kangaroo.

The Bionic kangaroo reduces its energy consumption in every jump but don’t worry Festo is not planning to unleash an invasion of these jumping robots rather they want to study new ways of recovering energy in industrial automation.

18. GhostSwimmer

This robot takes the form of one of the biggest sea forces an American Navy team has developed this robotic shark known as ghost swimmer and its design would make dr. evil proud it was created by the Boston Engineering’s advanced systems group as part of the silent Nemo project whose mission is to create similar underwater vehicles well this all sounds pretty serious it is not only serious but the ghost swimmer is also capable of swimming independently internal sensors and it can keep away for long periods of time awesome so you wouldn’t be able to notice if it is swimming right under you.