8 Foods To Avoid If You Suffer From Psoriatic Arthritis And Joint Pain

Growing up, your family certainly enjoyed a number of traditional foods that aren’t particularly healthy but bring back pleasant memories. Additionally, you may have established patterns, such as ordering pizza to relax with after a long work week. Most of the time, we don’t consider the consequences of eating that pizza, the lunchtime corned beef on rye, or the backyard party’s BBQ burgers and hot dogs. Eating these things, though, may not be good for you. They are the root of disease, inflammation, and joint pain.

1. Processed Meats

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Eating sausages for breakfast or beef jerky as a snack is like pouring fuel to the fire in your joints. Processed meats are those that have undergone one of the aforementioned procedures. Interleukin-6 (IL-6), C-reactive proteins (CRPs), and homocysteine are inflammatory indicators that have been linked to regular consumption of processed beef.

These indications target the joints and other organ systems in your body. Homocysteine, for example, can harm the lining of arteries, increasing the risk of blood clots, arterial hardening, stroke, and heart disease.

The study mentioned above also showed that red and processed meats made RA symptoms worse. Another study involving 25,630 adults found that a diet high in red meat increases the likelihood of getting inflammatory arthritis.

And to underline this even more, research on the other side of the coin shows that plant-based diets lessen the symptoms of arthritis. By avoiding processed meats, choosing grass-fed lean meats, and only consuming them twice a week, you can significantly reduce the symptoms of joint pain.

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