9 incredible new tech gadgets available on the market

Welcome to future tech we have compiled a list of some of the most incredible new tech gadgets available on the market, from a portable beverage cooler to an amazing new smartphone telescope here are 9 amazing new gadgets you can buy.

9. human headphone

Human headphone is a strange name for an incredible product these earbuds offer a three-in-one wireless design that can provide the user with unsurpassed sound quality while remaining in a small portable form factor these buds are extremely powerful with rich sound packed into a much smaller design than over the ear headphones they can remain charged for up to hours of playback they also contain a series of both touch and voice controls so that you can seamlessly adjust the volume while on the go these earbuds aren’t only great for music though they are also perfect for phone calls they offer extremely clear voice capture and recreation to ensure that whoever is on the other end of the call can hear you human headphones are available now for around $199 on amazon.

8. coldproof

Coldproof is a new heating pad that is both lightweight and portable the pad provides its user with long-term warmth for all of your outdoor needs with coldproof you will never let the cold weather get in your way again this product was designed to keep you comfortable while remaining lightweight and easy to use the pad is designed for sustained heat and comfort and will remain at a constant 113 degrees Fahrenheit regardless of weather conditions this pad is several steps ahead of its competitors offering an insulated interior that helps the pad maintain its constant heat and a USB power interface that allows you to use the pad with all of your existing USB battery pack from strenuous activities like hunting in the mountains to watching your children play ball from cold metal stadium seats coal proof is there to ensure that your hindquarters never have to feel chilly again coal proof is just recently launched on Kickstarter and can be purchased from the manufacturer directly for about $60.

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