20 Foods You Should Never Store In The Refrigerator

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It is quite natural for all people to want to preserve and protect the foods we purchase. with that in mind, we always think that the best way to do this by putting them in our refrigerators. however, there are certain foods that should never be placed in the fridge below, we have put together an extended list of such foods. the results and certain entries may surprise you.

20. Garlic


Placing garlic in your refrigerator will actually cause it to sprout, the garlic will also get moldy and even rubbery, moreover, inside your fridge, the look of the garlic will rarely change, this means you won’t be able to tell if it’s any good until you finally slice it open.

19. Pickles

Pickle is often found in refrigerators, but for your kind information leave them outside of your fridge and give your fridge some free space. You should know that pickles are high in preservatives and I have tasted 3-year old pickles that were kept outside of our fridge, it should be also noted that some foods are preserved with the help of pickles, so as pickles used as preservatives, you should not worry about its preservation without refrigeration.

18. Avocado

If you purchased an avocado that does not ripen, you should not place it in your refrigerator, since they will need time to ripen, keeping in the cold cooler will deter and impede that process, also, placing the avocado in your fridge should only be done if the avocado is already ripe and you can’t use items right away.