Heroic Dogs Rescue For Adorable Cats And They Adopted

According to popular belief dogs and cats cannot live together because they are natural enemies. People who live with these two animals say otherwise. Dogs and cats can live together and be the best friends in the world.
We will see in this article the best friend dog and cat.

1. Siberian Huskies And The Cat Rosie

Siberian Huskies in a cat became very popular in an American city of San Jose all the world media is talking about them and the Instagram page of the Huskies lilo infinity Miko and the cat Rosie became extremely popular and all this because the dogs adopted and saved the kitten from certain death.

The story of the animal family is a true story of a happy ending for an abandoned baby three-month-old Rosie was picked up on a busy highway in April 2015 she was dying of exhaustion and flees when she was brought home she was lethargic suffering from indigestion and vomiting the owners decided to risk it and put the foundling next to the husky pack leader lilo who’s never had and never will have puppies of her own it was a miracle the dog immediately felt a connection with the kitten and started to care for her she warmed and licked the kitten calmed her down and didn’t leave her side lilo cared for Rosie as if she were her puppy friendship attention warmth and care saved this kittens life soon Rosie got better and began to eat although she preferred to eat dog food, as a result, the kitten’s life took an unexpected turn she started to copy the dog’s behavior as they replaced her parents she walks on a leash plays outside with the dogs sleeps and eats together with the rest of the pack the owners say that the cat fully adopted some of her friend’s habits.