The Best Way To Eat Pomegranate And Its Benefits For The Health

pomegranate for weight loss

Pomegranate is an ancient fruit variety on the list with others like figs grapes dates and olives native to Persia or modern-day Iran the Punica granatum species has been widely grown and consumed in regions of the Middle East as well as locations spanning from the Mediterranean to North India in Latin the term poem comes from the word poem which means Apple and the term granata comes from the word Grenada which means seated.

one single pomegranate can in fact yield over 600 flesh coded seeds depending on the cultivar we counted 698 in one deseeded large pomegranate this quality has made them a symbol of fertility abundance and prosperity in numerous cultural customs and folklore pomegranate is known as one of the tops of biblical fruits and is referenced in many religious texts and literary writings of the world the image of the pomegranate has likewise been used as a source of inspiration throughout global history in art paintings and architecture.

Ways to eat pomegranate?

In many parts of the world whole pomegranate arils are used in chutneys salads or as a garnish to meals from our experience when eating them as a fresh fruit it is also a common practice to spit out the seeds after the sweet-tart juice surrounding them is consumed this is because the seeds inside the fruit pod can be tough to thoroughly chew and digest and are typically less appetizing to eat these white seeds do have some nutritional value however so making pomegranate juice can extract some of their beneficial components juicing pomegranate fruit has in fact been a longtime popular way to consume it in Middle East India and Europe commonly utilized in alcoholic beverages such as cocktails and wine it is also the main component to original grenadine syrup recipes often served with mock tales like the classic non-alcoholic drink known as the Shirley Temple a ripe pomegranate will produce a juice that is sweet with some astringency and a slightly sour taste because of its lower pH of about 4.4.

Our favorite way to juice pomegranates instead of using a juicer we like to blend about 1 cup of seeds usually the amount of one large pomegranate with about one cup of water and a high-speed blender then strain out the hard seed bits through a large mesh strainer this way you’ll get some of the fiber they contain – the less palatable portion the added water will also help to dilute the high sugar content you can also add fresh juice to smoothies other blended drinks or kefir to reduce its overall glycemic index.

Top 3 health  benefits of pomegranate